The up keeping of school records has never seemed so simple. It was always a tedious job to maintain a hard bound register where the work would be done manually by pen and paper. The list never ended. It was time consuming and had high chances of making errors which was difficult to rectify. The list extended from the admission formalities of students to maintaining the records at the time of their school leaving and farewell. This included other complicated operations of the school as well. However, the launch of School Administration Software has eased out much of the complexities involved in the execution and operation of the smooth functioning of the school. With this School Administration Software, it has become to handle and maintain records pertaining to queries from prospective students and parents, admission procedures and formalities, publish examination dates, syllabus, grades, attendance and absentees, rectification of grades before final publication of the same. These reports come in printable PDF format so that it can be printed whenever the need arises. Internal functions are also performed starting from notification of events, other administrative operation of the school, and process payrolls of the staff, maintain records of stationeries and other liabilities accrued from the school funds. The reliable name that we can bank upon when it comes to the security and management of the school is
This School Administration Software is implemented by experienced consultants and partners who provide a revolutionary solution for the execution and operation of the school’s educational responsibilities. This software is a school’s very own e-portal where all the information pertaining to the students and the school are aligned.