OpenSIS is the Open Source School Management System that is an innovative creation by the IT experts to provide solutions to the educational institutions. This system provides all the necessary features to manage the school management. It saves the grueling work of pen and paper and maintaining big register books with all the year records piled up with dusty cupboards and racks. Open Source School Management System is a software which has the capacity to store past and present students records. It does not require deleting any other information or adding any extra tab to include additional data.

The functions of this Open Source School Management System is not confined to avoiding the pen and paper work. It handles the enquiries from prospective students and parents and replies to those queries. These are then collated neatly as per the strength of those queries. Then it performs the school functions step by step by first compiling the information and completing the admission and enrolment procedures. It assigns classes to respective teachers. With  teachers can assign class works, home works, examination dates and syllabus. It has the provision where teachers can check and recheck the marks before publishing the final results. These reports are published in PDF format which can let the students print their progress reports whenever needed. Apart from the above mentioned functions, OpenSIS has the ability to process payrolls, maintain medical records of the students along with the medications and the treating doctors. OpenSIS has a wide clientele base that has increased its popularity. The data are hosted in the clouds which make it available all the time and replicate those informations so that it is not lost due to power shutdown.