school management application is a platform and an eco system which allows educational institutions to manage the entire organization. It helps in the managing of the entire institution. If the schools wish to manage the entire institution through a software system then the web based management portals are an ideal tool. The system includes the process of payrolls; manage the attendances and attendance charts, curricular management. It enables teacher, parent, students and other management and administrative interactions. The application allows parents, teachers and other authorized personnel to see the activities of their wards which can be beneficial format. The portal allows seeing the progress of the students which are marked graphically benchmarked against each and every single subject. Student Information System allows seeing if a child was brighter in English or any other subject and also scrutinize if the pupil has deteriorated in any other subjects or not. Similarly, it can also help in detecting a student who was not good in Mathematics but has improved considerably. In fact, this helps in coordinating with the teachers and students directly, face-to-face to discuss on the pupil’s development. Such applications are constantly adding features inside the system. It allows the students to learn from online under the direct supervision of the mentors no matter what time it is. This software actually helps the mentors give assignments to the students which in turn enable them to complete them online after which the performances are declared online.